VH 13 to VH 22

These boats were sold as a group to members of The Grosse Pointe Club [a different organization than the Grosse Pointe
Yacht Club], on Lake St. Clair (near Detroit), Michigan in late 1938. Commodore John B. Stroh and Henry Ford had seen Fifteens while visiting the Vineyard in the summer of 1938. Ford himself ordered three boats, and collected orders from other club members for six more. These nine Fifteens (we suspect that they were VH-14 through VH-22, the hull number 13 having been skipped for superstitious reasons) were shipped to Michigan, as a group, on rail cars, arriving in May 1939.

The boats’ wooden hulls deteriorated more quickly in the fresh water than in salt water. The Grosse Pointe Club’s website states that “of the original 11 Vineyard Haven boats, only seven remained in commission by 1951.” The two “extra” boats (beyond the nine shipped as a group) were
VH-26 and VH-27 (launched in 1940).

  • The Fifteens sent to Michigan had to have their waterlines repainted because the hulls floated at a different level in fresh water than in salt
  • The Grosse Pointe Club’s website states that some of the boats had racing cockpits and some had open cockpits; how many of each type there were is unknown.