VH 7 • Flying Dutchman


  • Sibert, 1937-1939
  • Shurtleff, 1940-1950
  • Bob Stinson, 1951-1961
  • Jon Cassel, 1961-1964
  • Coy, 1964-1968

  • Sank due to a cockpit leak during a race in 1951, but was recovered
  • Beached during Hurricane Carol (1954); no damage
  • Raced continually from 1950 through 1956, then placed in storage
  • Bought and restored by Jon Cassel in 1961 or early 1962 in an effort to keep the Fifteen fleet active
  • Reportedly fitted with air-filled metal buoyancy tanks under decks fore and aft for support in the event of sinking
  • Sank while under sail near Middleground Shoal, off the north shore of Martha's Vineyard, on July 4th weekend 1968. Declared a total loss.
  • One of two Fifteens (also VH 28) known to have been painted yellow
  • Painted yellow while owned by Cassel; repainted gray by Coy.

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