VH 5 • Boreas

Other Names

  • Silkie
  • Tyche

  • Besse c. 1937-c. 1960 [as Boreas]
  • Look c. 1963-1967 [as Silkie]
  • MV Shipyard 1968
  • Anthony K. Van Riper 1969 [as Tyche]

  • Beached during Hurricane Carol (1954); no damage
  • As Tyche, in the summer of 1969, VH 5 had a bright green hull, black waterline stripe, and white bottom
  • VH 5 was scrapped in the winter of 1969-1970. Her spars, keel, rudder, tiller, and fittings were used to build VH 50 (also green, and also named Tyche), launched in the spring of 1970.
  • Anthony K. Van Riper, the final owner of VH 5, was the father of A. Bowdoin Van Riper and the grandfather of Katharine P. Van Riper, creators of this site.

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