VH 11 • Panthea

Other Names
  • Teroma
  • I Dunno II

  • Bissell 1938-c. 1945 (as Teroma)
  • Ware c. 1945-1952 (as Panthea)
  • Jules & Jim Worthington, 1953-?? (as I Dunno II)
  • Field late 1950s and/or early 1960s
  • John M. Mills 1964-1968 (as I Dunno II)
  • James Glyman 1974 (as I Dunno II)
  • Sean Ahearn c. 1976 (as I Dunno II)

  • First mentioned in VHYC race results 1938
  • A picture of her, probably taken in the early 1950s, shows her with the name Panthea and a (probably) light blue hull
  • Bought by Jules and Jim Worthington in late 1952 or early 1953; first listed as I Dunno II in race records for summer 1953
  • Swept onto Vineyard Haven breakwater during Hurricane Carol (1954); sank, but refloated
  • Last mentioned in VHYC race results 1968
  • Offered for sale in 1968
  • Derelict hull given to Robert Douglas [by a member of the Ware family?] sometime after 1976
  • Transom is mounted on the lobby wall of the Black Dog Tavern, in Vineyard Haven, along with the picture listed above
  • A five-foot section of the bow stands outside the Coastwise Packet Company offices, Beach Road Extension, Vineyard Haven

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